Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Imelda Organizes

While still at home I decided to organize my shoes. Most of my shoes are under our bed or the space under our sink in the bathroom. It's driving me crazy to crouch down and reach under our bed every time I'm looking for a pair! And the truth is, I'm running out of space...

I've kept most of my shoes in their boxes. But when we travel and buy shoes abroad, most of the time we leave the boxes behind to save on baggage space. 

So, for the pairs without boxes I bought clear boxes from Little Emily Shop 

These boxes are P50/each, but you can also get it at wholesale price of P280 for 8pcs or P35. Not bad right?! Very easy to assemble. I saw these at Robinson's and they sell it at P90!

I don't have a shoe closet like Carrie Bradshaw... although I wish I had one! I had our maids put everything in the third floor of our house for the meantime. The area was suppose to be a den but right now it looks like a storage area for everything...

I sort of organized everything by brand and/or by use. Put together all those with boxes on one side.

As you can see, I have lots from Schu. A few from Anthology Shoes, Salt Water SandalsSo! F.A.B., Tory Burch and Jeffrey Campbell.

Then all those in clear boxes I stacked together too. Categorized to: dressy shoes, casual (flats and sandals), sneakers, office shoes and black pumps.

I like shoe boxes with pictures of the style/design outside for easy identification.

I can't believe they all fit under our bed!!! Next are the shoes under my sink... not as many shoes but it's the several dozens of Havaianas I have to sort out!

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Jenny said...

Wow! you have lots of shoes! Love how you organize them po!


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