Sunday, June 17, 2012

Urban Bazaar Finds

I went to the Rockwell Bazaar last Friday and scored some items from online shops I often check out. While I've developed an addiction with online shopping, it's nice to get to feel and fit the items before buying them too.

First few items from Therapy Bags...

From Therapy Bags: Crossover Body Bag and dual-use accessories

I have lots of big bags and sometimes I just want to bring a few items. This is a nice size, looks small but I can actually put more than I expected. It was also on sale for P500.

The accessories can be used as a bracelet or necklace. The owner was so friendly and demonstrated the different ways to use the accessories. It's P250 each but if you buy at least two, you get P50 off.

And I just had to grab a pair of shoes from Sole Divas Purse Shoes. I was suppose to order a pair online but when I found out they will be at the bazaar, I decided to check out the items there instead.

Oxford Fiocco from their Summer 2012 collection

They have adorable ballet flats in many colors. This pair I bought also comes in other color combinations. They also sell mommy-daughter pairs too. Made me wish I had a daughter!

The shoes are made here in my hometown, Marikina. The more reason to buy! Love your own!

hair accessories from 1721

Just some random hair accessories from 1721. I just realized my hair isn't long enough to do some of the styles in the instruction manual but I'm willing to wait. Was so inggit with the owner, she was showing how to use everything. Ganda and super long her hair!

I saw a cheap and cheerful pair of sandals for only P450. I left the booth to go around for awhile and when I came back they sold the only pair in my size... felt so bad! Well, till the next bazaar.

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