Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Last Frontier

The view of our beach Posted by Hello

Last tuesday, I flew to Palawan with friends: Gustaf, Matt, and Ellie. With just a plane ticket and the Lonely Planet for our guide we started our adventure.

We landed in Puerto Princesa and we decided to take the two-hour jeepney ride to Sabang. When we got there, I loved it immediately. The resorts by the beach were only cottages. We stayed at the last one called Michi's. I imagined it to be really crappy but I was pleasantly surprised how well kept the place was, considering the surroundings. There was a fan and bathroom... there was even a toilet seat and tissue! The boys were actually betting which of us girls would be the ultimate princess. I think we both proved oursleves capable of traveling ala ISEP style!

However, food choices were not very extensive but good enough. We only tried three places and the two even have exactly the same menu! We stayed in Sabang for two nights. On our second day we took the jungle trail to the underground river. Yes, I trekked more than 4kms in my Havaianas! Poor sandals! Poor toes! But I think I did very well keeping up with my buddies especially Gustaf with his legs a mile long!

The days were spent under the sun and the nights swimming in our own beach. The place seemed untouched by civilization. No cell signal... no electricity (a generator runs from 6pm-10pm only)... and not much people. On our third day, we left Sabang to go back to Puerto Princesa. We stayed at Casa Linda, a place recommended by Mr. Ernie Lim, a son of Capt. Lim, our professor in AIM. He invited us to join his family for dinner. He moved his whole family when he took an early retirement ten years ago. When we asked why Palawan, he answered "Coz, it's the last frontier..." I couldn't have said it any better! The next day we went island hopping at Honda Bay. We went snorkeling in a place they call Snake Island... no snakes though! Just fishes very protective of their reef, two even bit me on my thighs! Then, went to move on to Starfish Island... full of starfish... and had lunch. We stayed there for more sun worshipping and snorkeling. On our last night we walked around the town, had some drinks and good conversation.

The next day we went back to Manila... a lot more tanned and a little less a stranger in my own country. It's actually embarrassing that my foreign friends saw more of Philippines in their short stay here than I ever did my whole life! But that will change. I'm definitely going to try to travel more!

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