Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not A Snob!!!

Yesterday I noticed the mattress on Alisa's bed was back (I had it removed when she left). There were clean sheets, blankets, pillows. Wow, I think I'll sleep here tonight! I thought. After all, I forgot to bring clean sheets for my bed.

Later that afternoon, Jaraiza and Tintin told me I had a new roommate. What the f*&%! was what I thought. I didn't want any new roommate! I got used to having the room for myself already. And the only roommate I want was Alisa! They say she was old (definition of old for us is anybody over thirty!) and was taking a short program here in school. Probably from the province and opted to stay in the dorm than in a hotel.

I didn't sleep in the dorm last night and when I came back this morning her bed was made up. She was gone for the day already. An hour ago, I just got back from dinner with classmates and she's already all covered up from head to toe, sleeping. Will I ever meet my elusive roommate? Jaraiza is alone in her room and invited me to sleep in Tintin's bed. Well, after our dinner conversation about ghosts and the unknown world... she got scared sleeping alone. I think I might accept her invitation. I'm not really being a snob. The dorm hasn't felt like my home ever since I was left alone. A new roommate won't make a difference.

So, I guess it'll be a slumber party for me and Jaraiza.

Good night!

1 comment:

Fashionista Sistah said...

Waaaahhh!!! I don't want anybody sleeping in "my" bed either!


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