Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gossip Girl now in the Phil

I was worried, with the writers strike and all, that this show wouldn't reach our shores anymore. But thanks to ETC, we can all be part of the world of the privileged teens of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Welcome the Gossip Girl!

For me, the show is like The OC meets Cruel Intentions. Typical teen angst with occasional teenage sex and cat fights between BFFs. But who cares, it's fun to watch and very addictive. I almost bought the pirated dvd of this one ever since I heard about this show months ago. But the strike came and I sort of waited till more episodes came out before I'd buy the series. I guess now I don't have to.

The show revolves around the lives of Serena and Blair, best friends who had to face some tough realities about their friendship and their lives. Other personalities that will add color and drama are Nate (Blair's boyfriend), Chuck (the typical bad boy), Dan (the not-so-rich kid) and Jenny (Dan's younger sister). Then there's Gossip Girl, the mysterious but omniscient non-visible character who knows everything about everyone.

Love the plot, love the fashion and love Manhattan. Just some reasons why I run home every Tuesday night. Wednesdays and Thursdays are for American Idol, of course.

(Gossip Girl: 8pm every Tuesday on ETC)

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