Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Almost a K.O.

Sigh. Injuries caused by tripping over something is so very grade school, don't you think?!

It was partly embarrassing, partly hilarious, but a hundred percent painful for me to trip over my friend's feet and hit my face on the wall right in front of me while going in the office yesterday. For a few minutes I actually blacked out. I was on the floor covering my face when my friend turned around. She though I was laughing. But I couldn't stand up because of the pain and also I really was woozy.

Medics were called. Bruised and swollen. Worried about my repaired nose most of all. My knees also had bruises. I was sent to the hospital for an x-ray for possible head trauma. I was also sent home to rest.

All in all, I look like I went to a Pacquiao fight and K.O.ed on the first round.

I'm home now resting. My body is still sore.

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