Friday, April 30, 2010

Unleash the inner Stripper in you!!!

I love dancing! As in, I REALLY L-O-V-E dancing. And while I haven't danced as much I did when I was younger, I still dabble in it once in a while. Lately, I just attend hiphop and jazz classes in my gym.

The other day I learned my friend, Georgia  (a grad of Phil High School of the Arts - Ballet), has started POLE DANCING! Uh-huh... the one that strippers do! I know this has been a popular form of exercise in the US for several years now. Here in the Philippines,

Objective of pole dancing is not only to be fit and tone your body, but to be comfortable with your sexuality as well.

Check out the moves...

Movement Studio offers Pole dancing classes. They also have the Vegas Strip, another form of exercise that uses fun and sensual moves like whip, spank and strip pose... get the picture? I wonder if they'll make us wear leather...

So, who wants to join me???

(photos courtesy of Georgia's FB site)

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