Sunday, May 20, 2007

Technologically Challenged

Struggle!!! Teaching parents to use a computer or even a cellphone is such a struggle! No matter how many times I tell them how to do it they seem to forget everytime and pull me out of my bed late at night or early on a weekend morning. And usually all they need to do is press "Enter".

My mom loves buying gadgets... she has the Nokia Communicator but only knows how to turn it on, answer the phone and send messages. Then recently she bought an Acer Ferrari laptop while she was in Taipei. And she's been bugging me about everything even just how to turn it on. She wants to learn how to chat but every move she does she asks me how to do it like I haven't been teaching her for the past week! Argh!

She's proud she already knows how send emails already. Now she's asking help how to attach files. Yeah... that's gonna take me another two weeks I think.

What bugs me is those who could actually operate yummy laptops like those can't afford it.

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