Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My OPI Holland Collection Loot

I ordered again from Digital Traincase. I've been ordering stuff from them ever since I went on bed rest. Lol! This time, nail polish from the OPI Holland Collection. It arrived today and I'm so excited to try them on.

from left to right: Kiss Me On My Tulips, Did You Ear About Van Gogh and 
Wooden Shoe Like To Know
I called home service for manipedi and footspa for tomorrow but I did some tests as soon as it arrived. Pardon the application, I'm not super good at this.

Kiss Me On My Tulips
I love the bright pink color without looking to neon. It's creme and applies well. Put on two coats. It's really a summer color. 

Did You Ear About Van Gogh
Also applies well. It's just me, hence the not-so-clean application. The color reminds me of coffee overloaded with cream. Haha. But I love it on my hands. So "dalaga" looking!

Wooden Shoe Like To Know
This is the kind of shade I gravitate to. It's safe and really make my hands look pretty. This shade is shimmery. It doesn't look too "brown" when applied. But if you want it darker, three coats of it should do.

Thanks to Digital Traincase I got hold of colors from this collection. Really excellent service and fast delivery. 

Oh, Kiss Me On My Tulips wasn't part of my initial order. I chose Vampsterdam which is more of a plum-reddish color. But stock didn't arrive. I'm not sorry I had to change my order. It was still in my top 5 shades from the collection. But if the other shade arrives... I'm still getting one!

To order from Digital Traincase, you may check their FB page here or their Multiply site here.

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