Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Crackin'

Nail polish is my new guilty pleasure. Trying out also crack nail polish. Thanks to Ninang Willa's help, I got to go back to Faceshop to get a bottle of their "Cracking Collection", their version of crack nail polish.

There's probably a lot more colors but between gray, white and dark brown, I got brown. So, here's my DIY...


paired it with my BR804, a frosted pinkish-nude hue

Good thing I chose a frosted base. I think the sparkle peeking through the cracks looks cute.

I know, I know! Crack nail polish is so old news. But I only get to play with it now coz we have a very strict dress code in the office - it includes nail polish, make up and hair color. Now I'm on bed rest... and totally bored... I can just go crazy with my nails!

Oh, and more on nail polish... I'm waiting for three OPI polishes from their 2012 Spring/Summer, Holland Collection. I pre-ordered from Digital Traincase.

Here's a sneak peek...


Wooden Shoe Like to Know

Did You Ear About Van Gogh

Will make a review as soon as it arrives.

1 comment:

Eva said...

Cute polish. :) I love the colors here.


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