Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prizes from Aero Manila/Kikay Exchange Contest

Yesterday was great! All the packages I've been waiting for arrived! Including the items I ordered from Aero Manila.

Recently I won P1,000 worth of GC from Aero Manila thru Kikay Exchange

I chose items for myself and also for my son. 

clockwise from top: Love Shopping silver purse; casette tape coin purse; Bear & Bunny Eggmold; Monkey toothbrush holder; chocolate bar shaped calculator

Obviously the silver purse and coin purse are for me. And the others are for my boy. He loves numbers and I think he'll enjoy tinkering with the calculator. The egg molds I was so excited to try! So, for merienda, I told our cook to boil some eggs. Here's how to use the mold:

1. Boil eggs
2. Once boiled, remove the shell and put inside the molds
3. Soak the molds in cold water for 5mins
4. Remove and eat!

I think I took it out too soon! the bunny had a bite already...

Pretty easy right?! I noticed our eggs were too small for the mold. Maybe larger egg would work. The teddy bear lost its ears. My son said "Wow!" when he saw it... so cute!

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