Friday, March 30, 2012

Ladies in Waiting

I've been trying to get into one of my regular shopping sites but somehow I couldn't get thru. In my frustration, I ended up shopping in a different site...

Saw some nice pairs from local brand SO! F.A.B. Company is under the Celine Group, which includes Celine and CMG. 

I love height, so I got wedges!

Shimmer in Camel


I'm also into animal prints lately. I can't wait to wear these ladies! But I'm ready to pop  soon and as it is, been experiencing delicate pregnancy. Not advisable to wear my usual kind of shoes! Lol!

I got these shoes from their online shop. I love how brick and mortar stores go online. Makes it really easier for people like me, who are stuck at home, to shop. 

Found other designs I wouldn't mind having...

Alpina in Purple
Princess in Blue
Lily in Green

I so miss wearing heels and wedges!

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