Friday, December 18, 2009

And we're back online!

I have been a very busy mommy the past several weeks fixing my baby's first birthday. And for all the mommies out there, you'll know that the 1st birthday is one big production number. My baby's party is no different!

My days were spent making sure everything is complete while my nights were spent finishing up his AVP. His is a basketball-themed party. My father and husband wore referee shirts while my mother and I wore cheering outfits. My brother went as Pat Riley and wore a suit.

Everything went very well. Our host, Astarte Abraham, was very good and the kids enjoyed her singing. We had a mime-magician that went around since the start of the party to do tricks. He also performed for about 20minutes getting kids and parents to participate in some of his tricks. Then acrobats from the PAGCOR show, Flow, also performed. Who doesn't love acrobats!

Now, things are back to normal. Although my son's room is now full of toys and his closet full of new clothes thanks to all his family and friends. But I guess the busy schedule caught up with me and I'm now down with tonsilitis and colds.

I can't wait for vacation to come so I can have a day or two of rest. Hay!

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