Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking for C2 My Pilipinas Tote please!

It has happend to me so many times already...

I find something I really want but I don't get it at once...maybe for budget reasons or just waiting for the right time. Then, when I have the chance -or the cash- to get it, it's gone. Out of stock already. Never to be produced again.


Several months ago I visited the C2 store in Powerplant and find the Pilipinas logo on bags!!! There were three sizes then. I wanted the medium tote bag with leather straps. The size was okay enough. Not so mommy-ish...but then I held myself back. I was saving up for my baby's 1st birthday and was trying to limit my unessecary shopping trips.

Now that's it's Christmas time, I wanted THAT bag for myself. My sort of Christmas gift to myself. Apparently the bags are limited edition only. Sniff. I think they're out of stock already. I've asked Powerplant and Greenbelt 5 branches and they don't have it anymore.

I'm so sad. This was one of the things on my wishlist. Bad trip.

Sigh. I've gotten tired of posting my wishlist on my blog. My hubby doesn't read my blog anyway.

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