Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ondoy on my Birthday

When I was born, there was also a storm. My mom wrote it on my baby's book. It was Waling. Since then it seems that every special occasion in my life, it rained.

So I guess Ondoy on my birthday shouldn't surprise me anymore. It really shouldn't if only I was stranded at home. But I was stranded on the road with my family. We were on the road trying to get home almost the whole day. We finally gave up when the bridge in Marcos Highway overflowed. It was our last hope. Great birthday. We ended up staying at a family friend's place in Mandaluyong.

And the scene we found on the way home the next day was devastating. It was heart wrenching to see people lose their homes and their loved ones.

I hope they can rebuild. I hope this will be a lesson to us to take care of our environment and to take care of each other.

Life is really short.

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