Friday, November 06, 2009

Blue Blood Series

Okay, so Twilight opened a floodgate of vampire themed novels. My officemates are so into vampire novels that somehow it rubbed on me. Never mind that most of the stories are so high school-ish. One series that caught my fancy was the Blue Blood Series by Melissa dela Cruz. Name sounds Filipino? Actually, she is! She was born here in Manila and moved to San Francisco with her family. She has written several series for teens.

The Blue Blood Series is like Twilight meets Gossip Girl. Vampires in the Upper East Side. They're rich teens with fangs! The premise of the vampires in Melissa's books is they reincarnate and were fallen angels. The plot doesn't feature only one character. Sort of a mesh of the different lives of these vampire teens. So far there have been four books released. Although from forums, the author says she will be doing ten...six more to go!

It's difficult to get hooked on the book coz now, I have to wait a year for the next one. And the last one was really a cliffhanger.

I recommend it because there's no more Harry Potter to look forward too. Other than the last two movies. I wonder if they turn this into a series, how it would look?!

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