Friday, March 19, 2010

Bringing it back

It seems that there's nothing we really can throw away. Everything seems to be coming back! From leggings to shoulder pads... everything!

I remember Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink whenever I see blazers...

blazer from Topshop

Or maybe the Sharon movies with cring-worthy outfits...

And how about MC Hammer pants?!

jodhpurs from Promod

I should look for my mom's old trousers. She had lots! But maybe they're in Ukay-Ukay already. So, I took these out instead...

brown Christian Dior, black Gucci and blue Gucci shoulder bags

My mom had these since early 80's. And since small shoulder bags are now back I decided to revive them too. The metal parts are showing signs of age but the leather is still in really good condition! I'm thinking of using the black one tomorrow... how about channeling Bagets?!

Then there are these disco dresses she gave me. I'm still looking for an event I could wear it to!

I call it "Vintage Celine". Haha!

I'm hoping that I'll have a daughter I can give some of my bags and clothes to!

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