Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freeway: National Artist Collector's Series Collection

Eversince Anne Curtis graced the billboards for Freeway I've actually started to check out their stores more. Plus, price points ain't that bad too.

Recently, they launched their National Artist Collector's Series Collection. Currently, they are featuring National Artist for Visual Arts Ang Kiukok (March 1, 1931- May 9, 2005) and National Artist for Literature Jose Garcia Villa (August 5, 1908 – February 7, 1997).

The collection ranged from clothes to accessories...

By Kiukok
Screams high-waist skirt

Clowns sleeveless dress

Clown Heads dress
Clown boyfriend shirt


By Villa
The Bird on shirt dress

Poem for Violeta dress

Ang Aking Larawan ay ang Aking Mukha bag

 Nobody Yet Knows Who I Am bag

In My Desire to be Nude necklace

Isang Pusa na Natamo ang Pagkasiyam necklace

Art works to be worn and not only to be read and seen. More pieces in Freeway website and stores.

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