Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Week on AVA! SUELAS

More shoes on AVA! And this time, the private sale has a new twist!

Join AVA and Suelas as we put together the first crowd-sourced shoe
collection in the Philippines! Featuring an exclusive collection of genuine sea
snake leather, AVA gives you the chance to vote which colors are eventually
produced by Suelas.

As an AVA member you get a chance to vote for your favorite colors. You
have 1 vote per color. And even better, you get a chance to pre-order the color of
the flats you like. So regardless of the voting results, members can buy
whichever colors they want to own.

The pre-order sale will be for 5 days on starting on October 21. And AVA
members who bought a pair will receive their shoes on or before November 25.

Vote now! You may also register using this code: 

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