Thursday, July 25, 2013

Building Healthier Relationships

Over the years I can truly say that I have been successful in keeping relationships that are truly valuable in my life. Along the way, I also lost friends, but in retrospect maybe it was a blessing they decided not to stay.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I was lucky enough to participate in a session with Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo. The topic was Building Healthier Relationships. We started our session by writing down what are our core values are. What do we value the most? It could be people, event or virtue. We had to determine our top 4. And then Coach Pia asked us to let go one... and then another one... and then another one... until we reached the last sheet paper. Even that one, we had to give up too. That part was something! Because looking at what I wrote down, everything seemed important and made me complete. I knew what I was going to keep last, but what to let go first? But Coach Pia asked us who we think we really are when all of these are taken away? Who am I? And looking at the list, I didn't know what to say because apart from being a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend... I realized I was still trying to figure out a lot of things.

We also talked about our individual core values and how it affected our life decisions. We had to reflect if our present relationships allowed us to live with our core values in all aspects of our lives. One quote from the session that truly struck me was "The quality of my personal relationships is determined by my ability to live out my personal values". 

I also learned how much I am aware or not aware of my personal values reflected in my daily life. With all these, it will also help with all the negativity we were throwing out to the universe. And also the negativity we were receiving from around us... And I really do want to avoid negativity as much as possible! Doesn't it feel like happiness is sucked out of you when you're around negative people?! May pinaghuhugutan ba?! I hate NEGA people talaga!

Yes, we were taking down notes like a good student!

Slide from the session. We must try to keep these in balance and help each aspect grow.

While negativity is all around us, another great learning I got was that it's really up to us to change. How? 1) Let go, Forgive, Change and be Humble, 2) Incentive to change is YOU, 3) Put things in perspective, life is too short. I used to think "giving in" is like admitting defeat. But in reality, it's also for our benefit. Nakakamatay ang stress! Ika nga ng fellow SoMom, "Ilagay sa keber file!" 

Truly amazed at how much realizations and learnings I got from the session both from Coach Pia and also from fellow SoMoms. Whenever we throw Coach Pia a question she explained in very simple terms how we can twist the situation to make it better. I'm really looking forward to more sessions with her!

If you want to attend Coach Pia's sessions, you can attend the following sessions or enroll in the workshops:

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