Sunday, May 09, 2004

Weddings, Bouquets, and Garters

After so many weddings Tini and I went to, finally I get the bouquet, and finally he makes an effort to get the garter. Well, we didn't have a choice... we were set up. We've been together for almost six years now. We have attended several weddings and somehow, we managed to get out of that particular part of the event unscathed. But thanks to the 4J Boys, namely Jay Tan, and the groom himself, AA Albano, we had our fifteen minutes of fame. It was definitely well-planned! They put all the names in a fish bowl and one by one they call out a name. The last name to be called gets the bouquet. Jay pulls a switching stunt and voila! "Mericon Clemente, you get the bouquet!" Neat huh?! Of course, once I got the bouquet, the garter went to Tini! He broke out in cold sweat! His hands went cold and clammy! Hahaha! Serves him right! Hope he dreams of this tonight. As for me, I just went along with it. At least I'll be in the wedding pictures! It's inevitable anyway. Whether it was this wedding or someone else's, it was bound to happen. Now I have a small bouquet of pink flowers here in my dorm room and a blue garter hanging over my desk.

Are we next? Maybe! After a couple of years, when it's my turn to throw the bouquet, I'll remember this moment fondly and hopefully give the same memory to the one who will catch my flowers.

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