Monday, June 07, 2004

Dial 1-800-Conci-d-Cupid

I took it upon myself to play matchmaker to some of my friends, with the help of Tini of course. To date, I already set up three blind dates. Unfortunately, I could only claim success with the last one. I won’t mention any names. I don’t want to incriminate any of my friends, or even Tini’s. The first couple, the girl was a feisty one and since it was an ambush blind date, she was already resistant from the start. I’m partly to blame. The guy, I guess, felt it wasn’t going to work too so, communication was already strained. One thing led to another…BAM disaster!

Couple number two’s date went pretty well. However, it didn’t go further than that. What happened? It’s what we call in school cultural miscommunication. I’m being diplomatic when I say it was nobody’s fault it didn’t work. They were just coming from two totally different worlds!

The most recent couple dated last Saturday night. It was a success by my standards because after three days, I haven’t heard any bad things from both of them. I can also sense both had fun. Even I had fun hanging out with them! Yup, Tini and I babysat but left about 30 minutes earlier. During the date I tried to get the 411 on what the girl thought of the guy, but we were interrupted while we were in the bathroom. I think Tini was able to squeezed something out of the guy while we were doing our thing.

I continue to play cupid to my friends. So, anybody there willing to be my guinea pigs, just holler!

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