Monday, June 07, 2004

Partying Harder...Again

MBA2005 in AIM have lived up to the Instituion's unofficial motto, "Study Hard, Party Harder". Last friday, the signal has been sent out to everybody for a get together in Blue Onion. Despite the rains and some of us still taking the CFA exam on sunday, we met up. With a beer in hand, we entered Blue Onion. It was full and no empty table was in sight. We found a place to sit by the ledge and in no time, was dancing for the whole bar to see! Rico Pena and his pretty wife was there swaying to the beat of the music. Jehan Machacon, our respectable class president, was bumping and grinding with Awesh Shreshta and James Tagorda. Even Joao Manikan, still wearing his polo barong, was there. Our buddy Rahul Singh was applauded by the crowd when the Indian sounding club tune was played and he was dancing on the ledge. Sriram Krishnamachari got lost somewhere but I found him amongst the crowd dancing too. Al and Liezl followed too. As for myself, I got hungry and tired and left a little bit early. It was nice seeing everybody. It was really a day for celebration because we just got our grades and we're now full-fledged seniors!

Hooray for the batch! Congrats to all and especially for those who just took their CFA exam. Next weekend I hear there's another get together, this time in Halo in Makati. Hope to see you all there!

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