Tuesday, February 07, 2006

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! and other weekend blah, blahs...

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. It's been difficult trying to sneak in "internet time" here in the office when your cubicle is right infront of your boss. And my laptop's connection at home is busted. Darn!

So, what's new??? Just my new little sister Dobby, the Doberwoman. She's over a month old and adorably annoying! She sleeps in my room on her own bed. I bought her one. She loves being cuddled in the middle of the night... or else she makes a lot of noise. What's a big sis to do but give her what she wants.


Last saturday after spying on our competition our big boss texted me and told me about the Wowowee tragedy. I was having lunch then and took another hour before I caught the news on the radio on my way home.

Tragedy. Poor people dying a senseless death.

I won't go into details as everybody knows it by heart already. Although, I kinda thought the actions of Eat Bulaga hosts were in bad taste. They're happiness in seeing their rival suffer at the expense of all those lives.

Who is to blame? Everybody! Even the government. It's a domino-effect. It's ABS-CBN, it's ULTRA, and it's the people. The root cause? That I don't know. So many tangles can't find the end of it already.

Now we know how far people would go for money. How far will you go?


I won! About P250. Just broke even coz spent money on beer and also lost the first game. So, technically, I didn't get much. But then, the real fun is playing with crazy friends and outsmarting them. Hah!

"Shut up and deal!"

It was just the 2nd 4J Poker Night. We're getting the hang of it. Jay was so happy he finally got his own Poker set. It was just by chance I passed by Fully Booked in Greenhills that day. Now I'm jealous. I wanna get a new one too. Coz ours is missing a chip. Courtesy of the little girl who nobody could see.

Thinking of checking out the Poker table top too. This is getting expensive! Hay!


Chocolate Warehous Sale just ended. Two Mink pants, one Mink mini-skirt, one Grab cropped pants, and one Mink pink buster.

I saw Mango in Robinson's Ermita was still on sale... Hay again!

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