Thursday, January 12, 2006


For my fellow Eagles I just had to bring you this bit of news! My mom has been organizing events for PAGCOR (Philippine Gaming Commission). Although she's not organizing this specific event, she's excited about it. PAGCOR will be holding a Texas Hold'Em Poker Challenge strictly for Ateneo and La Salle! I don't have the details yet but anybody from those schools can join. They couldn't tag it as Ateneo vs. La Salle probably because the schools didn't want to be associated with any gambling event. Thus, it's simply called BLUE VS GREEN.

To all interested, watch out for the details. I don't know if I'm joining coz I'm not too confident yet playing with "older" people. And the buy-in will probably be bigger than I could afford.

Shuffle up and deal!!!


Sorry guys... apparently it's by invitation only. Shucks!


Anonymous said...

is it still invitational?

saw a commercial on sports plus the other day :) any new details?

Blairbitch said...

Last I heard it's still invitational coz had to pull some strings so my Atenean boss could join.


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