Thursday, June 15, 2006

Comings and Goings

Yes it's been so long...

Been to Davao last week for work and squeezed in a little of sightseeing and durian tasting (ugh!) but other than that there's nothing to rave about.

I realized my life has become dull and uneventful with too much work. My occassional auction trips are the only respite I get from a monotonous existence here at the office. My vertigo doesn't make life easier being in a constant state of dizziness for the past several weeks. I'm spending so much for the meds which I have to take for a month. Still have a week to go. Whenever I buy a dozen (coz I can't afford to buy a month's worth in one go!) or so every week I feel like I'm throwing money away. Or throwing it in the wrong direction anyway.

At least I'm looking forward to a ten-day trip to Illinois next month. Somebody has to babysit my 12-year old cousin going back home and I'd be glad to do that since I'm not paying for my ticket anyway. I can't wait to see my favorite cousins! I'd love to travel to other places but my main purpose is to babysit so no extra trips to other relatives.

I'm also looking forward for a few thousand bucks coming my way next month. It's the bank's anniversary and I hear they give bonuses.

Maybe looking forward to watching Superman.

Think positive! I'm sure life isn't THAT bad.


I'm a day short of being permanent here at work.

Yipeee... sigh!

1 comment:

guile said...

superman's got rave reviews.. can't wait to see it..


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