Monday, April 07, 2008

Buckle Up!

I guess 'tis the season to make babies coz three of my friends are pregnant right now. Other friends are also trying to have one. I have to admit, even my husband and I are trying too. Teehee...

Well, anyway, even pregnant, I'll still probably try to be as fashionable as possible. Thank God maternity clothes have really improved over the years. Gone are the tent dresses that just make mommies-to-be even more frumpy!

Recently I've discovered this little contraption while watching Fashion Police on the Lifestyle channel that will keep the mommies on wearing their favorite jeans well beyond their pregnancy.

Hello to B-Buckle!!!

B-Buckle is sort of a strap that will help accommodate your expanding tummy. How? Just zip up your jeans as much as you can and keep it unbuttoned. Using the B-Buckle, loop it on the first belt loops on the left and on the right and just snap it into place! It's really a marvel! A video of how to use it can be seen on the website.

There's several designs to choose from... look at my favorites below...

best seller is this "LOVE" B-Buckle

More fun and quirky designs on their site. There's also plain ones too. I've tried looking for a store selling this but I think they sell it only online right now. It retails for $22. Hmmm... not bad! After all, you won't be using this only once right?!

A great invention for those ladies who have really invested on expensive jeans. I'm guilty of that! It's also a great baby shower gift for your girlfriends.

I'm not even pregnant yet but I already told my mom to get me this when she travels to the US. I'm thinking the money I can save on extra pants can be put to good use for my baby... maybe a Juicy diaper bag? Kate Spade? Hmmm... I think that's another post altogether!

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