Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cold Rock rocks!

Cold Rock from Australia is ice cream and mix ins smashed together on top of a slab of ice cold rock... or sort of marble. The fun is in customizing your dessert. With lots of ice cream flavors and add ons to choose from, there are thousands of ways to make your own yummy cup of ice cream!

My husband and I tried this before at Crowne Plaza during our wedding taste test at their buffet. It was part of their dessert buffet menu. This afternoon my husband brought me to Cold Rock at Greenbelt 3 after driving my mom to the office and after we did some shopping.

The steps to make your own mix is as follows:

1. Choose the cone or cup.
2. Choose the ice cream. You can choose more than one.
3. Choose the add ons... there's more than a dozen there to satisfy your every craving!.
4. Then watch them smash it up all together
5. Gobble it all up!!!

Tini chose Tiramisu and Coffee ice cream. He added cookie dough, choco fudge brownie and Reese's. I chose the Banana Cream Pie ice cream and added strawberry and choco fudge brownie for a banana split effect.

This is Tini's ice cream

see the hand movement

finished products!!!

I'm totally going to get fat! Tini and I are such gluttons!

Cold Rock can be found also in Trinoma and the Fort.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Cold Stone Creamery in California is the same as your Cold Rock with the marble, mixing, smashing, etc. My fave signature creation at Cold Stone is Cheesecake Fantasy with big chunks of cheese cake! Yum!

Blairbitch said...

the beauty of this is there's so much combination to try out! weather is soooo hot, great place to cool off!

Anonymous said...

Cold Stone is kinda expensive here for just a small bowl. May I ask what the average price is there?

Blairbitch said...

average of 250 pesos or a little over 5 US dollars.

but that's just the regular sized one. is that almost the same?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's about the same. Altho I'm a tad surprised. I always thought that we get more bang for our buck over there.


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