Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adios Mansanas!

The other day my husband and I went to Serendra to buy a gift to one of his inaanaks. I decided to bring my iPod mini to the Apple Center there coz I've been having problems with it for weeks. The attendant there kinda gave me a weird look when I took out my iPod mini. I asked what was wrong with it since this icon kept on popping up.

"Ma'am, sad face po yan. Pag lumabas yan, wala na."

Woah?! A sad face?! What do you mean "wala na"?!

Apparently that's what it meant. Hard disk needs replacement. The thing is, iPod minis are faced out already. Which means, the parts are not available. The attendant suggested going to the gray market (a.k.a. Greenhills). Sigh, it's probably expensive. Add a little more and I could probably get a new one already... incidentally, iPods are on sale right now.

My husband objected getting a new one. No prob for me. I didn't mind. It's just sad that I had to say goodbye to my iPod when it was a gift from my parents when I graduated MBA. Sniff...

So, goodbye to my iPod. It has served me well.


Anonymous said...

hi! i ended up in your blog from manilafashionobserver :D anyway, when the sad iPod came up in my ipod and my friend's, we banged or threw it and it worked again. mine lasted a good 6 months before it really died.

soooo, if you've got nothing to lose, try that. :D you can also google it. good luck! :D

Blairbitch said...

hmmm... a weird advise but i will try it. thanks!


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