Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charming Salvation for Horses

They say that the year of the Rat is unlucky for those born under the year of the Horse. I think I've proven that true when I slipped and hit my face on the wall. I was left bruised and sore for a few days. They even say there are eight kinds of unlucky events or incidents that will happen to us. Gasp! So my mom gave me this charm from Charms and Crystals by Joy Lim. My mom had this specially made for me to keep me safe and counterbalance the possible bad things that might happen this year.

It's okay to not wear it but more effective when kept really close to your person. It has some sort of a scent... reminds me of incense. But this is better given than bought. My mom has several and some of them is believed to keep her healthy which is great coz that's one thing I worry most about her.

Then there's instructions on how to "program" the crystal to give you what you wish for...

I did this already and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. Never mind that it won't match my outfits.


Anonymous said...

Oh, puhh-lease!!! Excuse my French but I think that's a load of crap.


Blairbitch said...

there's no harm in trying =)


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