Friday, May 02, 2008

Bye Bye Lolo

The silence on my blog was because of two things:

1. My internet connection was down for more than a week. And this is from someone who have both DSL and cable connections!!! Yes, both were down. We're just lucky the cable is up and running again. But the DSL modem seems to be dead. I have to call PLDT for that.

2. My lolo Dorit passed away early monday morning. We don't have any family here with us in the Philippines so we were in a frenzy getting everything ready and entertaining friends and other relatives during the wake. It was nice of my bosses to let me go on leave today and also half days for the past three days. My lola and one of my mom's sisters did get to go home. It was emotionally and physically tiring, but it's over. My lolo is in happy place. Void of pain and suffering. Sigh, but I do miss him already.

Now, I'm back online. Gosh, I'm updating myself with all the chismis and stuff!!!

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