Saturday, May 24, 2008

Go to Hell!!!

I'm quite addicted on Hell's Kitchen Served Raw shown at AFC on cable. I used to watch Hell's Kitchen in ETC but nothing beats the episodes in AFC. Raw means raw!!!

The guru in the show is Gordon Ramsay, a Scottish-born-London-bred chef who throws the "F" word like a garnish on a plate. His an a**hole with the contestants which makes for great entertainment.

I do love cooking shows. The past two days I've shuffling between the Lifestyle Channel and AFC.

I'd love to fly to the States and eat at Hell's Kitchen!


van said...

he's annoyingly funny. i'm just scared he'd have a heart attack or something. hahaha.

take care buntis! see you soon!


Blairbitch said...

i know! he's even bitchy to the customers too!


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