Saturday, May 24, 2008

Go to Hell!!!

I'm quite addicted on Hell's Kitchen Served Raw shown at AFC on cable. I used to watch Hell's Kitchen in ETC but nothing beats the episodes in AFC. Raw means raw!!!

The guru in the show is Gordon Ramsay, a Scottish-born-London-bred chef who throws the "F" word like a garnish on a plate. His an a**hole with the contestants which makes for great entertainment.

I do love cooking shows. The past two days I've shuffling between the Lifestyle Channel and AFC.

I'd love to fly to the States and eat at Hell's Kitchen!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

DAVID wins American Idol Season 7

It's David Cook. Grrr...

For once can you please make my Idol win?!!!!

I still love Archuleta. Adorable. But don't you think he would fit better with Zac & Vanessa in High School Musical?! Hehehe...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy wants a baby bag...

My husband and I just recently found out we were expecting. First thing that popped in my mind... "shopping for maternity clothes and baby stuff!"

Typical me...

But even before, I knew I wanted something fashionable to put nappies and other baby things in. And this being the first apo... I couldn't help but hope that the grandparents would spoil their grandchild... along with the mommy...

These are just of my internet finds...

Classic Noel Henry bag from Kate Spade (doesn't look like a baby bag right?!)

Juicy Couture Velour Diaper bag (this one is on my list...)

Coach Optic Signature Baby Bag (another on my list...)

Burberry Quilted Diaper Bag (folds out into a changing pad)

Prada Tessuto Baby Bag (a bit boring for my taste)

LV Monogram Mini Lin Baby Bag (tops my list!!!)

But I'm sure the yaya will be carrying the baby bag more than me... hmmm... something to think about...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fab Ads

I'm a sucker for advertisments... I'd buy something just because I loooooooove the endorser.

Rain is hot! Soooooo hot!

Just like this one. I love Bayo more coz I love KC... I'm a closet fan. Now I'm outing myself. I like it better than Kamiseta... shhhh... don't tell. I just can't seem to relate to Petra Nemkova. Even Kate Hudson, though I like her too.

I'm also a fan of Face Shop. Got even a bit depressed that the face powder I always buy was faced out already. Sigh... but look at their endorser! Grabeh! Yummy!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The frenzy called MYOH

Last year I went on the last day. As in the extended one day. I wasn't satisfied with my choices because most of the colors and studs were out of stock already. I had to settle with what was left.

This year I made sure I went at least on the second day. I left the home at 9am and I thought it was good enough. I was wrong... I was about a hundred people down and yet it wasn't that bad. It was still a good move for me.

This year they did it at the Rockwell tent and they had friends who gave away free drinks and snacks... although I wish they gave it at the start and not after we paid. I was tired and hungry waiting in line.

This year they had items for kids and slims. Although I was a bit disappointed tops have limited colors.

the line outside

the line inside

Patrick did both of my pairs

Slim, black sole with red straps. Embellished with letters spelling out my husband and my name

Slim, light rose sole with golden sun straps. Embellished w/stars and pink swarovski studs.

I promised myself I won't buy Havies anymore. I will just wait for MYOH to get my pairs.

MYOH extended til Monday, May 5.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Bye Bye Lolo

The silence on my blog was because of two things:

1. My internet connection was down for more than a week. And this is from someone who have both DSL and cable connections!!! Yes, both were down. We're just lucky the cable is up and running again. But the DSL modem seems to be dead. I have to call PLDT for that.

2. My lolo Dorit passed away early monday morning. We don't have any family here with us in the Philippines so we were in a frenzy getting everything ready and entertaining friends and other relatives during the wake. It was nice of my bosses to let me go on leave today and also half days for the past three days. My lola and one of my mom's sisters did get to go home. It was emotionally and physically tiring, but it's over. My lolo is in happy place. Void of pain and suffering. Sigh, but I do miss him already.

Now, I'm back online. Gosh, I'm updating myself with all the chismis and stuff!!!


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