Friday, January 16, 2009

Mommy BagHag

A few days ago, my guy friend who lives in Cebu asked me where to find great diaper bags coz he couldn't find nice ones in the malls there. I suggested Baby Couture. I have seen them in malls here in Manila and find their bags functional and fashionable. They're reasonably priced too!

We already have a diaper bag but since one is never enough for me, I'm thinking of getting a second one from Baby Couture.

For a more utilitarian style, I prefer these...

But when mommy wants to dress up, I'd rather tote these from their Mecca Collection...

Of course, I told my friend that diaper bags should be daddy-friendly. After all, when it's just the baby and parents at the mall, guess who usually carries the bag?! That's why our diaper bag is from Adidas coz hubby loves anything Adidas.

But if I had the cash... I'd check out Juicy Couture and Coach! Or maybe this one from Tod's (I saw this one at Tot Snob).

Then again, it's $1,350... imagine how many cans of milk I can buy with that?!

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