Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pick a PIC-A

Ahhh... Thank you URC for inventing this bag of temptation.

Why didn't I think of this one?! It's so elementary! Don't we buy several bags of chips and put them together during parties??? Why not mix 'em in one bag??? Three times the goodies, right?!

I saw this a year ago in Macro and forgot about it. I discovered it again a few weeks ago when my husband bought one. We ate the whole bag on our way home from work.

Now I'm soooo addicted to it! It's now part of my weekly groceries. I eat this with a 1.5L of Coke. Baaad! There's a barbecue flavor too but lovin' the cheese more.

Oh, Jack and Jill... I love you!

1 comment:

shallow said...

i've been crazy about pic-a since it came out last year! i'm such a food junkie, i can finish a whole bag by myself! hahahaha.. i like the barbecue one. but i like the cheese too :) i like junk food, full stop.


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