Monday, June 22, 2009


Getting married and having a baby really changed my perspective in life. I thought I'd be the cool, working mom able to handle both the corporate grind and family life. But only a few months after I gave birth I'm willing to kick off my heels and just stay at home to be with my baby. I don't care if I spent two years in business school... I just wanna be a stay-at-home-mom.

What's up with our generation today?!!! I've had several friends who quit work after giving birth. Some, after years of being successful in their careers, are ready to give up and be a housewife. Remember the 60's when this was all the rage? When moms and dads have very defined roles at home?

Well, I won't actually be a full time housewife. My friends and I are cooking up something - a business venture we know we will enjoy doing and we know we're really good at. Maybe I wouldn't be ready to quit work if only I was doing something I LOVE.

I've been bugging hubby about this. At first he wasn't happy about it because his dad died when he was quite young. And he would always tell me, if his mom didn't work, he probably wouldn't be able to finish school in one of the prestigious universities here in the Philippines. But since he became a father, he's also concerned about raising his son by a nanny.

I guess despite what society thinks about "housewives", more and more mommies would rather embrace their true calling as nurturers. And I am one of them.

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kong-chu said...

Haaay Cons! I can so relate!!!! I wanna resign and stay at home na lang. or work part-time... just want to get out of this work madness that's eating up my weeknight and weekends! Huhuhu!

I can give up shopping!
I am venting coz its 10pm and I am still at client site. Waaaah!


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