Sunday, August 02, 2009

I'm a MOH!!!

I'm so excited I'll be a matron of honor for my cousin this end of the month in the US! The whole family is flying to Illinois, including our baby boy. My cousin said he'll be the ring bearer... how we'll do that when he's just 8months old, I dunno. Maybe just decorate his stroller and let his dad push it. Haha!

So, she emailed the color for me and the bridesmaids. Watermelon. Well, if orange is a color, why not watermelon. It's between red and pink. Since I am the MOH and my cousin gave me freehand to choose the style of my gown with just two instructions: don't wear halter, that's for the bridesmaids; wear long gown. I went through my magazine stash for some inspiration.

I wanted a design different from the off-the-rack styles in bridal shops in the US. I fell in love with these two designs.

Jerome Lorico on Lea Salonga for Metro Magazine

Charina Sarte on Bea Soriano for Members Only Fashion Series event

I love the Grecian style. This was even my inspiration for my own wedding... well, for the entourage at least. I'm hoping our designer can make it work. I'm excited! I hope my BFF gets married soon... I wanna plan a wedding again!


Dien said...

like the lea salonga better! I think it'll be sexier on you! but either way, ur pretty sistah! so i know you can rock both!!!

Blairbitch said...

mama wants a gown made like the first one eh... yung second na saken. hehehe...


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