Sunday, August 02, 2009

What's the opposite of "chick flick"?!

My husband is such a fan of history so when Public Enemies came out, he told me he wanted to watch it. I hate "man movies", or whatever you call the opposite of chick flick... but because he would sit through Confessions of a Shopaholic and Devil Wears Prada with me just because he loves me... I just had to say "yes". Johnny Depp stars in it so, what the heck! Last Friday night we went to Powerplant to watch it.

Did I enjoy the movie??? Lemme put it this way... I enjoyed Johnny Depp. He's the only one that kept me on my sit awake.

The next day I was with girlfriends and we watch The Proposal. Aside from the fashionable bags and shoes Sandra Bullock was wearing, Ryan Reynolds was sizzling hottt!!! The plot was ok and not overly cheesy... thank God! But I was drooling over Ryan Reynolds!!! Omigosh!!! And he did take his shirt off just to make girls like me super happy! Oh, but for the boys, Sandra was more than half naked there too...and her body looked fab too.

There's a nice post at i am shallow on the movie... nice read.

Next week it's G.I. Joe... and now you know... and knowing is half the battle...

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kong-chu said...

sigh, I want to watch The Proposal but its not yet showing here. :( I am in dire need of chick flicks! Parang two weeks na without a good movie to watch here!


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