Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoes! Shoes!

My brother will be coming home next month. He's been studying in NYC for the past few months. That means pasalubong! 

So, I've been going through sites of my fave brands in the US thinking of what to buy. I'm torn between make up and shoes. Yes, I'm addicted to shoes. I'm also addicted to bags but I don't buy. I just borrow. 

Right now I just have some I found at Shopbop.com.

I've been drawn to camel and nude shades lately

androgynous shoes are sooo in!

in gunmetal with black tassel

you gotta have brogues dude!

luvet!!! get me this bro!

I can't ask my bro to buy all the stuff I want. I'm on a very tight budget since Christmas and my son's birthday are on the same month. Yup, I plan early... so I have to choose maybe a pair or two only! Sigh...

1 comment:

mizuno wave said...

I like the first shoes in the list...the caramel color one...the style is very unique and looks eye catching...


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