Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cheap Schus

Lucky me my office is just walking distance from Schu's outlet store along Ayala Avenue. Whenever I pay my cellphone bill I pass by the store to check if the shoes I like are on sale already. And lucky me last time I went there the loafers in patent leather I wanted was on sale 50% off!

From P2700 down to P1350!!!

I couldn't decide what color to get but the SA suggested I get this Sand color first since it's the more popular color. They have it in black, grey, black with white and even gold. 

I wanna go back and get a second pair! But still can't decide on the color.

Glad I waited for this to go on sale. I can get two pairs for the price of one! 


Hazel said...

wow your wait did pay off haha :D nice pair ;)

Tanya said...

Those schus are really nice! It makes me want to check the place out. :)


Conchita said...

and comfortable too!


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