Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me and My Vieta Deyn

Ok, so after I saw at MFO's blog that the Vieta Deyn bag was already available at SM Makati's Fashion Forum, I immediately drove there during my lunch break last Thursday. Took me only ten minutes to grab the pag and pay for it! LOL! 

I love the bag coz it's chic and roomy. Can pass of as a mommy-bag and as you can see, there's a rocker-vibe going on with those studs underneath. I love it! So funky! Plus, it's sold for P3,450 only. I checked only and it sells $105... not bad!

So Friday and Saturday I dressed around my new bag. My clothes are from my "cheap and cheerful" collection. Haha! Various tiangge finds and some old stuff from my closet.

old Sari-Sari Store black dress and zebra print Tory Burch flats 
- for work

top and tank top from tiangge, shorts from Old Navy and shoes from Schu 
- for casual dinner with friends

top from d.e.i. (direct selling brand), GAP boyfriend pants, Kenneth Cole belt 
and shoes from Payless 
- for errands

I just realized, looking at my outfits, that I have overlooked my wardrobe. I splurge on bags and shoes but don't update much of my clothes. Maybe it's time I should update my closet a little bit. 


tessa said...

lovely bag you got here ^__^

I thin bag are as much important as shoes... because yo get to wear them with anything. plus they need to be durable. bags will have to withstand the using and heavy things... shoes needs to withstand long walks, and something that wouldn't break easily when get soaked! the weather is getting really unpredictable. :D

Krisel said...

Hi there! dropping by. :)

Btw, it is Krisel of glamourville Shop. Hope you can drop by at my shop. I sell footwear like boots. Thanks :)


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