Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Feeling Blue in Schu

I passed by Rockwell last Friday and spied this blue platforms in the Chocolate Schu Bar. I had to be in and out of the mall in 5mins so I couldn't go inside and check it out. But from afar, I fell in love with it already!


The goddesses from @schu_shop heard my raves over twitter and reserved a pair for me! I was already plotting a way to go to Rockwell again. Yesterday I had to go to my doctor... this was my chance to pick up.

Waah! So huge already! This is why I avoid outfit shots. Notice the sticker on my arm?! Lol!

The color stands out and the height of the platform is quite comfy. I'm really partial to blue (guess where I went to college???). Before cobalt blue was even fashionable, I already used it as my motif when I got married.

The other shoes in the Spring/Summer Collection are also lovely. Worth visiting Chocolate Schu Bar! Lots of sandals and wedges to accent your maxis and shorts this summer!

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