Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Journey to a Better Me

Sometimes it does feel like I do have a secret life as a blogger. I don't think anybody here in my office knows I blog, although I don't really advertise it anyway. Even my husband doesn't read my blog... I do forgive him for that, he barely checks his Facebook. He IS aware of my blogging activities since I sometimes ask him to drive me to event, or even tote him along. 

On one hand, I do enjoy that certain level of anonimity. I have this little space to unleash my creativity (or something like it!). It's like keeping my private life separate. Blogging has kept me insane when work gets crazy, or even when kids go crazy! Or when life simply gets the best of you (see posts as early as 2005!). I never consciously made an effort at first to bring my blogging anywhere but somehow it has led me to a group of lovely ladies... and a gentleman, which are now inspiring me to be a Better Me. 

I'm quite familiar with SoMoms (which actually means Social Media Moms) and Mommy Mundo, some sites/things I came across while surfing the net or attending mommy-related events. Then one day, I met the ladies behind SoMoms through Tin of Manila Fashion Observer and I thought, wow, what a funny bunch of ladies! Such cool moms! So, imagine my happiness (and my shock, really...) when I was invited and accepted to join their group. Gulp! I feel so unqualified coz truly, I've just been trying to "wing it" being a mom and a wife.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilige of meeting EVERYBODY at SoMoms over brunch, the founding members and the new "inductees". We had our own function room at the second floor of Wine Bar in 1771 El Pueblo. The yummy food (pancakes, fritatas and macaroons!) and cozy ambience made the event more fun. I swear, while the moms and dad were sharing about themselves, I was busy stuffing myself with macaroons! Sorry, I came in late... food almost gone when I arrived. Can't blame them...

borrowing this picture from fellow SoMom Jenny

Each member introduced themselves, how they started blogging and even their advocacies. As one by one talked, many of them started pretty much the same way: just looking for a way to journal their journey as mothers/father. Truly I was inspired hearing them share what keeps them busy and especially their advocacies. While I do support many of the causes: breastfeeding, baby wearing, natural and eco-friendly baby goods, I have many more to learn! 

(Thanks Jenny for the pic!)

Part of getting to know each other, we also got to know some of the mommies' businesses! Our only daddy in the group, Marc, showed a sample video of his wife's business, birthing photography, it made me want to have a baby all over again! I also shopped a few things like finally getting a bottle of Grandma's Secret Goo Remover from Tin; The Luna menstrual cup from Jenny; And my shopping wouldn't be complete if I didn't go home with a pair of shoes, this one from YellowBird Shoes c/o Patty. Two Tots, Nurture Nook, Aquasana (I'm saving up for a filter!) and Willow Clothing. The last 30 minutes or so was chaos as everybody was trying to shop at everybody's booth. 

some of my loot!
 I'm really looking forward spending more time with the SoMoms and our only SoDad. I'm sure every event with them will be meaningful and fun... some of them are more beki than me pa pala!   The invitation was so timely for me as I feel I'm at a crossroad of essentially choosing a path because I had to, and choosing another because it makes me happy. Rewards are definitely not the same but because my priority is, and will always be, my family, I may have to do some re-arranging in my life. After all, ultimately my goal is to be a better me so I can be a better mom and better wife. 

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