Friday, October 28, 2005

Really Bitchin'!

Changed my template again. Got bored with the last one and doesn't this totally scream "Blairbitch"?!

Anyway... been quite for the last few days because spending time with my grandmother from the US before she leaves tonight. My mom's last sister here in the Philippines is also migrating to the US tomorrow with her whole family (except their eldest son). You can just imagine how crazy the past three weeks have been for all of us! Between packing, selling their stuff, and moving, it's been total chaos. I'm also feeling sad coz I'm gonna miss hanging out with my cousins.

Incidentally, I'll be getting their old red Toyota Corolla (don't ask the rest of the specs so clueless about that!) and Bingo, my blue Honda City, will be sold to my mom's office (sniff! lots of happy memories with that one!). It's a new secondhand car for me! I think my mom just felt bad coz she's buying my brother an Eclipse (imported and all set up). Although secondhand too, it's still a spankin' set of wheels compared to what I'm getting. But I'll be getting the Eclipse eventually when my brother goes off to take his MBA in US next year (hopefully).

Oh... also went to a Halloween party last week with Tini and the rest of the 4J Boys. I went as a porn french maid... bwahahaha! Halloween is the only time of the year when you can get away looking slutty or stupid.

Enough blabbering...

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