Monday, April 24, 2006

Threatening Da Vinci

I read in Philippine Star last saturday that a group of people are lobbying MTRCB to ban the showing of the movie The Da Vinci Code. They also claim that the book should also be banned because it violates a certain penal code because of the nature of its story.


I wish people would give other people credit to be able to think for themselves. Banning something only ignites curiousity. And as if we won't try to be resourceful and get pirated copies of the movie instead. Also, as if people haven't read the book too!

It's people like these... with narrow-minded perception of the world... that started the Inquisition. Aren't we taking a huge step back from civilization? I just don't understand these people?! Makes me believe there's a huge conspiracy behind Christianity!

My parents will be in the US by May 31 and my Dad will be watching the movie there. Dang it!!!

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Jay said...

Ay Cons, grabeh! Our client HSBC partnered with Sony to be a major sponsor of the film when it came out. Naturally, we warned them na baka may backlash but they still went ahead and closed the deal. When our first ad came out, a Premier account holder wrote an email to the bank saying he was pulling out his money (a minimum of 3 Million) in outrage over the bank's support for the supposed blasphemy. He was gonna tell all his friends to go and do the same.


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