Wednesday, April 12, 2006

VERTIGO, UTI, et. al

A little over two weeks ago when I came back from a business trip in Bacolod, I had a severe case of LBM. I apparently ate too much oysters. And probably chicken inasal too. I mean, how could I resist when a plate full of oysters cost only P30!!!

The week after that when I came back from a business trip in Cabanatuan, I had UTI. So, off to the doctor again. UTI antibiotics, unfortunately, are very expensive. P2000 down the drain!

A couple of days after that while on my way to work I felt really dizzy and nauseous... no, I'm not pregnant. That would've been better coz then the dizziness and nausea would've been temporary. I was so pale my boss felt sorry for me and sent me home. I couldn't drive so I called our driver to come pick me up and bring me home and left my car in the office. I was bedridden for the next two days. My lab exams showed everything was normal but our physician suspected vertigo so she gave me medicines. I went to an ENT for check up and she told me I had positional vertigo (actually, the name was longer than that I just couldn't remember all the words). Sickness usually of people in their 50s. Go figure why I have it! She said there was no cure. Just manage it with medicines and exercises specifically for vertigo. In short... I had to live with it.

I promised my mom once I start feeling dizzy I'll stop the car and not attempt to drive.

What the hell is wrong with me!


For the Holy Week, my family and I are off to Tagaytay for some R & R just for a night. Dad wants to play golf in Highlands while the rest of us amuse ourselves at the Spa or sports area.

Hope all of you have a nice break!


Maricchia said...

Hey girl, it's "benign positional paroxysmal vertigo." It sucks and you shouldn't be driving for now. You might as well get your hearing checked. Baka yun. Did they put you on Serc? Anyway, see you in the next poker game. Hug, hug.

Blairbitch said...

Yup! That's it! The doc told me nga to have my ears checked. And I was on Serc for three weeks.

Heard you went on a vacation somewhere in a far away land... we miss you! Poker when you come back!


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