Thursday, August 16, 2007

News Buzz... or something like it...

Sigh! Awful, awful past two months. Really swamped with work but at least my boss thought I did a good job on my project. Getting a "good" rating from him is difficult enough so it made me happy already. Flipside to all the stress is I lost weight! Hah! Combo of sleepless nights and emotional stress does that to me. Hopefully as my wedding draws near I won't regain all the weight I lost.

Anyhoo, I finally had time to read some fashion blogs. I'm happy Manila Fashion Observer has settled down somehow in her new home and started blogging again. Incidentally, she's also nominated for Best Shopping Blog in this year's Blogger's Choice Awards. Congrats! For those avid MFO readers, let's help her win! You can vote here.

So, I visited some of my fave sites... Shoewawa and Purseblog... and saw the new Louis Vuiton campaign with Scarlett Johansson as the new image model. The '07 Fall-Winter collection is quite awesome and now I'm wishing I had enough extra cash to get one or two of those yummy bags. But I have to say I'm not liking SarJo. Not really a big fan of her. I think her face lacks emotion and when I watch her on the big screen I don't feel anything. That's why I saw another LV ad I like better... check out picture below of Mikhail Gorbachev looking all pensive in his limo with a classic LV beside him. Read more of Gobachev's LV ad here.

From high fashion we go to street chic. Went to the ADMU-DLSU game a few weeks ago and a couple of rows below us were Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia. Her outfit caught my eye... she was wearing a black tank top and a white high-waist shorts (which I know was from Topshop) and ballet flats. Really simple but chic. A few days later I did try similar pair of shorts from Topshop (it was a gray one) and surprisingly it looks nice on me! I'm kinda wary with the high-waist style coz I thought it made me look pudgy. But apparently high-waist shorts cut high enough even elongates my legs. Hmmm... Now I sent pics of shorts I saw at Wetseal to my Dad who is in the US right now for a wedding just in case he finds one.

Oh well, enough blogging for today. Back to regular programming.

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