Sunday, January 20, 2008

Formal Fashion

I've been going to a lot of weddings lately and I've kept to my wardrobe avoiding having clothes made or even buying new ones. Good thing I have still a number of cocktails and formal dresses I haven't worn before.

But I have still a few weddings lined up this year and I'm bent on having a few pieces made. I've mentioned before I'd like to have a flowy long evening dress in emerald green made. I was even more inspired to really go for it coz my friend's wedding yesterday was done in green and gold. I also saw a Lanvin asymmetrical dress on Katie Holmes recently (while visiting Chuvaness' site) and I'm thinking something like that in green... hmmm...

And I think I have the personality and the audacity to get away wearing pants in formal events. Hihi! I have this vision of going to an event ala-Christina Aguilera during the Grammy's in a white suite. Although I don't want to wear anything under the coat. I don't think I can away with THAT though.

(photos taken from the web)

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