Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday Blog Blowout Part 2

Thanks to my friend in AVON for the prizes! Ladies, here's some scents and beauty products from the Company of Women I'm raffling off...

hand and body lotion and Outspoken by Fergie

360° White Intensive Correcting Serum and Bond Girl 007

AVON products are made with real women in mind. I love their products, especially the make up. And prices are very friendly too. The lotion and the serum I have also tried and I super recommend them. So, if you wanna try these products, why don't you join this giveaway!

I'm making this contest really simple. All you have to do is complete the sentence... 

"I am a woman ________ "

Leave your answer in the comment box with your email address. Or if you do not want to leave comment here, just email me at blairbbunny@gmail.com and put AVON on the title. Contest starts tonight at 12mn and ends on Sept. 30. I will draw two winners on Oct. 1.


Issa said...

I am a woman of strength for being a working mom. Juggling work and my responsibilities as a mother is the hardest but most rewarding for me. :)

Email: NMChavez@bayan.com.ph

Julieanne said...

I am a woman of great responsibilty, to my man and kid.


Bags said...

I am a woman and I am independent!!



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