Monday, September 06, 2004

In my books...

Our constant male companion here in school, Rahul (a.k.a. "The Petulant Child"), always makes fun of our choices of reading materials. He calls it pornography...we call it romance novels. He has this annoying habit of reading it out loud which actually makes it sound worse than it really is. He laughs at phrases like "heaving breasts" and "straining against her bodice". He claims it gives us a wrong idea about love. But how can it be the wrong idea when the story lines are universal and ageless. It's the usual girl meet boy but either boy can't have girl for some reason or another. Nonetheless, boy faces all adversities to marry the girl. Or, girl and boy are forced to marry against their will. Despite their animosity to each other they can't help but fall in love. Hene, they all live happily ever after. It does sound mushy but admit it, one or two couples out there started out the same way but with a little permutation here and there. And probably not all live happily ever after. Just until they break and find someone else.

In my books, the girl always gets the boy. In my books, the boy is incapable of continuing his life without the girl. In my books, it's not only passion, but love that gives strength to both of them. In my books, I get to escape for awhile and be in some other time and some other life.

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